Pagan Online for PC Preview

One of the best ways to survive today, in the market dedicated to any medium of entertainment, is to adapt trying to focus on the needs of the users referred to. For video games, it is essential to follow this mindset, if only because the inevitable duplication of genres can be treated again only by finding the right method to renew the formula, but without upsetting it.

At Mad Head Games it seems that the notion has been understood, since Pagan Online comes with a classic hack’n’slash formula in which emerge, however, some small tricks capable of making it unique in its own way. With a backlog of just “hidden object games”, will the Serbian developers have managed to make the most of it?


The fantasy universe inspired by Slavic mythology is translated into the video game with an epic adventure, in which we are pleasantly involved in fighting a war to restore the presence of some gods disappeared from their places of power. The lack of balance has allowed the maybe of evil to take over and only through a difficult path, designed to make us start from scratch as heroes and regain, over time, the powers, we will be able to somehow heal the situation. The production available for the moment in the form of Anticipated Access divides the experience into macro areas of interest, as always dedicated to those key points that can not miss in products of this kind. The main campaign is divided into chapters, each of which is accessible from a focal point within the Pantheon, the hub of the game, and playable by selecting one of the three difficulties available. After a first phase of tutorial useful to understand the commands, which we will see shortly, the player is dragged into a succession of relatively short missions, divided by blocks in which to deal with waves of enemies increasing in number and difficulty, culminating in a boss fight.

Unfortunately, this system serves the side of an annoying elastic effect in the long run, more than anything else because it seems to emulate the gameplay formula used most in mobile titles. Clearly there are no energy points to spend to deal with every effort presented by Pagan Online, but perhaps it would have been better to combine the points so as to allow a more linear enjoyment of the game. The choice of your alter ego follows the rule of communion with the style of play best suited to our abilities, but we must admit that the roster is pleasantly diverse, and capable of making the tactical experience depending on the character we choose to use. Even the most tough tank like Istok needs to strengthen his defensive skills to protect himself from the toughest enemies, a factor that even at the normal level should not make you take the game under the leg.


As mentioned above, Pagan Online tries in some way to slightly change the gameplay used most for genre titles, presenting an alternative control system that sees as the protagonist of a movement system based on the WASD. That might seem absurd as a choice, but once you’ve put your hand on the title you can appreciate the choice especially when seen in parallel with the mouse, which allows you to aim more precisely. This more tactical imprint is accompanied by a system of concise and functional skills, presented directly on the interface and usable through the convenient rose of keys around the WASD. To optimize the gaming experience, some external elements in the main hub try to improve and diversify a minimum of the management part of the inventory, using the now ubiquitous crafting. To pack objects of greater power just find the dedicated recipe and, of course, the elements needed to compose it. In the pantheon there are also a merchant, a mercenary who unlocks extra missions to be carried out in parallel to the campaign and a witch, which will allow you to access the interface designed to improve the skills of the character, spending the points dedicated in the company of some ingredient crafting.

During our raids through the places dedicated to the missions we found ourselves faced with a good system of loot, which improves as usual as the difficulty chosen for the mission increases. In addition to the ingredients of creation and weapons, divided with the usual colors related to rarity, there are also unique gems of the characters, useful to unlock them during the course of the adventure. The game is still fun and accurate in detail, although some small uncertainty emerges right in the technical sector, perhaps not very precise in the management of textures and visual effects. It should be noted that the game is presented on the market in the form of early access, which is why any judgment at the moment is in vain considering the fact that the game could radically change for the better (or for the worse). That said, Pagan Online is a great way for Mad Head Games to emerge from their comfort zone, a way to probe the ground without exceeding in inspiration and relying, by doing a proper job is clear, to repeated stylistic features in the style, but well customized for the occasion. The Serbian company has not done the simple task, which is why we feel to trust the work, advising you to keep an eye on it during this period of running-in.