Baldo for PC Preview

Those who follow The Games Machine for many years have certainly already heard of NAPS Team, small but fierce Italian software house that, in its twenty-five years of activity, has been able to churn out great games for the most disparate platforms. From the excellent Shadow Fighter for Amiga to the very recent Iron Wings for Xbox One, the Sicilian studio of Domenico Barba and Fabio Capone has juggled with different game genres, until arriving at the last, new challenge: Baldo, an adventure/RPG “à la Zelda” set in the imaginative world of Rodia, between missions to be completed, dungeons to be explored and articulate puzzles to be solved.


The most striking aspect of this game is certainly the graphic style, inspired without half measures by the work of Hayao Miyazaki and his famous Studio Ghibli, authors – we dare write it – of some of the best Japanese animated films. Thanks to the abundant use of cel-shading, it really feels like watching a cartoon, with beautiful characters with a typical oriental style that move in a completely three-dimensional way.
The game, originally designed for the Nintendo Switch system, will also be available for other platforms including the PC, where the greater potential of the hardware will be rewarded by some aesthetic improvements. However, the idea of the developers is not to deviate too much from what modern consoles can offer since, in any case, the main focus will be absolutely on the gameplay. Since we at TGM are curious by nature, we immediately contacted Domenico Barba to ask him for more information on the PC version, and assured us that on the same you can also use mouse and keyboard, in addition to the joypad, an option that many players can not give up.


Baldo is a game structured to be played alone: “At the moment there is no online session, mainly because of the nature of the game – confirms Domenico, questioned on the subject – but there are many small ideas in the pipeline, perhaps future DLC. In short, some multiplayer content may even arise in the future, depending on the time of development. But when we asked what kind of puzzle we should deal with, it dropped the maximum reserve. Or almost: “There will be the most varied puzzles, the structures of the dungeons (oops I said there will be dungeons!) will be complex and will require a lot of mental work, as well as physical, of course there will be spoiler alert and even spoiler alert“, and there was no way to know what was behind these ghostly spoiler alarms.

However, we know that, during his adventures, Baldo will meet a lot of secondary characters, visit different cities, solve quests and subquests, discover hidden temples and collect a lot of objects with which to obtain increasingly powerful weapons. In short, the classic Zelda adventure (“it’s not just a game, but a whole world, a philosophy, and it’s that world and that philosophy that inspired us with infinite esteem and religious respect for a game that is already legend,” assures Domenico), but with a potentially amazing graphic and emotional impact. Stay tuned, because we will certainly talk about it!