Control for PC Preview

Twenty minutes. The virtual stopwatch that marked the time during my Control test started twenty minutes ago. It ticked at a steady rate for a thousand two hundred times, until the black screen carried me back from the inside of the Federal Bureau of Control building to the Milanese offices of Digital Bros. Having abandoned […]

Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night for PC Preview

The video game section of Kickstarter is, for some years now, populated by a substantial amount of titles. It ranges from small (ssimi) team projects to more structured proposals, with budgets ranging from a few thousand dollars up to hundreds of thousands. A remarkable variety, with results that range in the wide spectrum enclosed between […]

Total War: Three Kingdoms for PC Review

It was 184 A.D. when the peasants, tired of excessive taxation, widespread corruption throughout the Chinese Empire and frequent famine, took their pitchforks to rebel against the rule of the Han Dynasty. Distinguished by their yellow turbans, the rebels forced the emperor to cede part of his power to the local administrators and warlords of […]

Rage 2 for PC Review

Looking closely at a significant part of modern science fiction in the cinema or in video games, the darkest component of the possible futures from here to the next fifty or a hundred years we have “enjoyed” in almost every imaginable sauce, one of which is now expressed in Rage 2. Between award-winning novels and […]

Baldo for PC Preview

Those who follow The Games Machine for many years have certainly already heard of NAPS Team, small but fierce Italian software house that, in its twenty-five years of activity, has been able to churn out great games for the most disparate platforms. From the excellent Shadow Fighter for Amiga to the very recent Iron Wings […]

Team Sonic Racing for PC Review

It’s been five years, practically a generation, since Mario Kart 8 has imposed himself at the top of the food pyramid of kart games, cannibalizing the genre as a Lewis Hamilton moustached, unreachable, simply too fast and spectacular to dare a reaction. The Deluxe edition, fundamental to launch the sprint to the success of Switch […]

Pagan Online for PC Preview

One of the best ways to survive today, in the market dedicated to any medium of entertainment, is to adapt trying to focus on the needs of the users referred to. For video games, it is essential to follow this mindset, if only because the inevitable duplication of genres can be treated again only by […]

Assetto Corsa Competizione for PC Review

That Kunos Simulations knows its own fact about the production of extremely realistic automotive simulators is self-evident. Assetto Corsa, in its time, proved capable of putting to the test the knowledge and skills of the best luminaries of the four wheels. Almost five years after the first chapter, after many months in Anticipated Access, the […]